w sezonie

Poniżej znajdują się opłaty obowiązujące w sezonie 2018. Są skalkulowane w euro (€) na osobę z VAT i lokalnymi podatkami.

1 lipca – 31 grundia 2018

Prices high season

Important: for the travel days in the period 15 July - 15 August an extra fee per day is charged for a vehicle due to the increased car rental cost in this period:

- fee: EURO 11 per day

The rates mentioned are standard rates for these specific tours. These rates are the base for adjusted and customized tours. In case of any adjustments, an increase or reduction in cost will be accounted for. The total price depends on the number of car rental days, type of vehicle, number of nights in accommodation or on camp sites, type and class of accommodations and the number of participants.