Komentarze Klientów

Dear Silvia,

We have to apologize for not giving a sign of life before. We thought to send you a thankful message right after we came back but...the new waves at work covered us completely. Sorry for this, but as we say in Russia: "it's better late than never"! Well, we must confirm that we had one of the most beautiful and successful vacations.  And we really loved the accommodation places you booked for us in Namibia and Botswana ! Especially the very unusual camp at Okavango delta and the one at Cape Cross! We want to thank you for this and we already have in mind to come back to Namibia soon to explore the Southern part of the country where none of us  have ever been. Thank you once again for your support and your brilliant choice made for us! Keep in touch.

Best regards,

Vadim Yury, Russia


Hello Silvia,

Back home again! Overall evaluation of the trip is great! We haven’t had a single problem. The country is really spectacular. The combination of landscapes, deserts, coast and wildlife is great. People are friendly and really helpful and the level of the accommodations was excellent. What else. We really enjoyed the holidays and filled up batteries to afford the upcoming working year. Thank very much for the excellent preparation of the trip.   Best regards,

Néstor y Maria, Gijón, Spain  

Dear Sylvia,

Just few lines to acknowledge to you (and to all your colleagues) these unforgettable holidays in your country. We are now at home again and my first e-mail is to say you that you did a great job organizing and making the necessary arrangements to ensure that we enjoyed all our holidays from the first to last instant. Thanks also for your phone message about our lost (and found) camera in the Bush-Baby camp. In summary, all the family is happy with all the experience at your country (people, landscape, wilderness, services, etc.). All the people we met were always very friendly and helpful so the conclusion is...... we must to do further savings to came back again !
One more time, many many THANKS Silvia!!
Lluís, Berta, Clara, Miquel and Santi, Barcelona, Spain

Hallo Marco und Elise,

The trip to Namibia organized by Explore Namibia was for us a great experience with only goods and nice things, both concerning the people and the animals. The organized trip was very interesting and the accommodations were very good, without any exceptions. Also the car was perfect. We are really satisfied with the whole organization and will recommend it to many people.

I did not believe that a country as Namibia and her inhabitants would make such a great impact on me. We enjoyed the trip from departure in München till the moment that we had to leave. I really an sure that we will come back to Namibia.

Marco, again thank you very much for everything and good luck with Explore Namibia.

Best regards from good old Germany,


Ludwig und Regina Mitterer, Altenmarkt, Germany

Hoi Marco & Elise,

Namibia and Botswana are really beautiful countries to visit with a self-drive holiday organized by you! The great nature and desert of south-Namibia, the special Himba-people, the numerous wild animals in Etosha and Chobe NP and the colorful North of Namibia are only a few highlights of our trip. We saw so many beautiful things and had so many nice experiences. To much to sum up. Luckily we made many photo's so we can still enjoy now we are back home.

Your documentation and travel descriptions were prepared very well and you choose very nice accommodations and campsites. We had no problem at all with finding the places, it was all clearly marked and described.

To summarize, we had a great time, thanks to you! We will definitely recommend you to all people that would like to visit Namibia!

Many regards,

Ceriel & Marjolein.

C.W.J. Spaaij en M.C. Witteveen, Netherlands

Hello Marco en Elise,

In the meantime we are already back in Holland for one week now. The trip was fantastic!

We stayed on very nice campsites and the trip went so well! No punctures or accidents with kudu’s and we could buy petrol everywhere. Also the trip to Epupa Falls and Ruancana wasn’t a problem. The people were so friendly, we really enjoyed it! The fact that you can decide yourself where and when to go, and still having a good organization behind you is really great.

We were surprised by the beautiful campsites that you booked for us. It was also really clean. And a real surprise was the accommodation in the luxury hotel in Opuwo. We also visited a Himba village, together with a guide from the tourist office (mr. Kambee, we can recommend him). It was really impressive what we saw there.

And then the nice wine we received from you. We drunk it, while sitting at the fire under millions of beautiful stars. It was really quit, nearly everywhere and on average, there were around 3 other groups camping (except in Sesriem of course).

You were right, when you said that we had booked with you a nice and relaxing trip and that really suited us. The distances were ok and there was plenty of time to relax, hike or just to read a book. There was plenty of Game in Etosha en we even met the desert elephants when driving in Damaraland. Unfortunately we missed the leopard.

Thank you so much for your input, the good organization and all the information we received. And as we only met a few Dutch people there must be a huge opportunity for you!

We will recommend you to everybody having plans to come to Namibia. And in case you are planning to start the same concept in other countries, then for sure we are very interested!

Good luck and regards,

Martine and Jasper

Martine Deckers en Jasper Verburg, Netherlands

Dear Marco and Elise,

Thank you for preparing of our journey to Namibia. We spent both alone, three weeks, in February 2007. Our purpose was the south of the country: deserts Kalahari and Namib, Naukluft mountains, Orange river. You understood our expectations accurately and you chose for us a magnificent itinerary and schedule. Our trip was prepared professionally and perfectly, everything was in perfect trim. Traveling through the desert of Namibia, we always felt safe and we could always rely on your support. A hired car was comfortable, unfailing and well equipped. Campsites and hotels chosen by you - probably the best of possible.

The itinerary – fascinating. You gave us everything we expected: loneliness on the great land, night-lodging among the bush below the stars, African landscapes and wild animals, canoe emotions on the great river...

We came back to Windhoek full of impressions that are never forgotten. We will come back to Namibia – the north of country this time (we just have some ideas).

You can be sure, that “Explore-Namibia” will be asked for preparing of the trip.

Iwona & Grzesiek Debowy, Wroclaw, Poland

Hi Marco

We had a fabulous time in Namibia and my first day back in the office has been really depressing – I miss the sunshine and the amazing skies…

You did a great job and on the whole Alex and I thought it was all very well organized. My only complaint would be that we probably tried to do too much in the allotted time as 2 weeks and the amount of driving we did is quite tricky but we managed to fit in quite a bit. As you said before, I would say, it might be a good idea to make some of your clients aware of the huge distances as many times we would arrive quite late in the day and it would have a knock-on effect on the activity we were doing at the next place the next day but maybe better to do too much than too little.

The accommodation was on the whole fine for what we had and really lovely in some cases like Roy’s Camp. I was less impressed with the government accommodation which I thought was pretty uninspiring sometimes, but of course it’s a budgetary thing as there are heaps of beautiful lodges scattered all over the country but they may be a bit too expensive for our budget.

Many thanks for your help with this and you’re doing a grand job.

Kind regards


Alex Lever & Charlotte Factor, London, UK

Dear Elise, dear Marco,

First of all I have to apologize that I didn't answer before (except my short notice). Our trip to Namibia is such a long time ago now, but we often think of it.

A few friends of us want to go- there probably next year and we recommended your organisation. So you see we were very happy with your services especially with your efforts regarding our short-dated booked trip.

Namibia is a great country and we know that we just did see a small part of it. So it's not unlikely that we'll come again. Also we know that we just saw the nice parts of Namibia, but we would have problems to drive through for example Katutura looking and peering at poor people.
So since both of us like driving we saw a lot of the great landscapes with sunrises and plants and animals...

I think the most beautiful accommodation had been Camp Xaragu - with its very very friendly people. Also Betesda was great, too. The Governmental accomodations in Okaukuejo and Namutoni wasn't as nice, but it was ok. Halali was nice, too.

So we would do the same trip again - the distances were no problem, I think all in all drove nearly 3.500 km in Namibia - and we would book with you again! - so that says all I think!
Best regards

Karin & Wolfgang Straßburger, Ketsch, Germany

Good afternoon Marco and Elise,
We had a great time on the trip and hopefully next time can make it a little longer than 9 days. Namibia is a beautiful country and there is so much to see and do. The desert dunes were great, did some quad biking in Skapamond, really enjoyed the accommodations at Xaragu in Damarland and saw a lot of game at Etosha (ran into Elephants on the road and pride of lions maybe 15 meters away). Thanks again and your services were very professional, I will definitely recommend yall to visiting friends and family. Hope that yall were able to enjoy the holiday as well.
Cheers, David Franco

D. Franco, New Orleans, USA

Dear Marco and Elise,

Unfortunately we are back to work again.

Our trip of four weeks (Route All Round) has been perfect. Namibia is a fantastic country and the camping trip was really great. The roof tent is ideal and it is great to be outside the whole day and to have a BBQ in the evening. The north of Namibia is beautiful, but also the views in the south are magnificent. We would like to have stayed a little bit longer at the Epupa Falls, what a fantastic area is that. We will definitely come back to Namibia again for another trip. We were glad that we choose a 4x4. I would really recommend that to your other customers. Our opinion is that you will regret it if you try to save money on the car.

Thanks you very much for the perfect organization. Your enthusiasm is so exciting and the great service and preparations results in a perfectly organized trip, from the beginning to the end. We will recommend Namibia as a holiday organization and think your organization is the best to have a trip organized.

Thank you again for all you did for us and good bye!


Harm en Gineke

Harm van Gaal en Gineke van Dijk, Arnhem, Netherlands

Hallo Marco & Elise
We are safe and sound back in the RSA What an experience we had in beautiful Namibia. Wish we could stay another two weeks and visit a few more places. We all agreed that the high light of the trip was Swakopmund , Sesriem & Sosusvlei. We realy like to thank you & Elise for putting us this trip together. Your "File" we received on arrival was the best I have ever seen. The only time we divert from your route was when we decided to drive through Korixas and Uis to Hentiesbay and then to Swakop. The accommodation at Jan Jonker was exceptionally good. We wish you all the best for your business in the future an we will definately promote you in the RSA and make use of your expertise again. Nic & Friends, South-Africa

Hi Elise,

Yes, we are home after 1800 km drive from Windhoek all the way home. All the places we slept and all the things to see were fantastic! I only wish that we could have stayed 2 days at one place, say 2 times during the trip, but it was not possible due to our hectic program. For me the Sossus Vlei and the dunes will always be the highlight, but out of experience I know that the first place you see is always better than the last, because you get tired at the end and can not absorb any more. Etosha, of course was beautiful and to see the pan with so much water was a blessing. If I try to describe Namibia in one sentence I would say it is a country full of contrast. I have never seen so many mountains in shapes and sizes and stone formations in my whole life.

Thanx for making it one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

Gezina Dannhauser, South-Africa

Dear Elise

We are now back from Namibia, Cape Town & the wine country having had a fantastic trip. Namibia was certainly very special & is somewhere I would like to come back to with my two daughters, it's certainly an amazing country. I am now busy sorting out over 4000 photos that I took !!!!!!!!!! Many thanks for all your organization.

Kind Regards

Anthony & Savine Fielding, UK.


Thank you very much for the follow up welcome home and of course for your excellent support for what was the holiday of a lifetime!. We have all returned safely and are all fitter and more alive than when we went. We followed your recommended route and enjoyed all the stops. It is difficult to pick out highlights as there were so many. I enjoyed all the geology ( the Roadside geology guide by Gabi Schneider is truly excellent and I think good even for non-geologists), others enjoyed more Etosha and the wildlife. Daniel (and I) was hunting rocks and minerals, Peter seems to have taken up bird-watching and we a ll enjoyed a lot of good food. Of your particular recommendations (ie in addition to the standard high points such as Sossusvlei, Cape Cross, Etish etc etc) w took and very much liked the Pelican Tours trip around Walvis Bay, we loved Camp Aussicht, the Cheetah Farm and Roy's Camp ( the food there is alone worth the extra 120kms). We would strongly recommend the petrified forest east of Camp Xaragu as a worthwhile detour, and also the Hoba meteorite near Grootfontein. We walked in to see the White "Lady" herself at the Brandburg and that was excellent as the guide was both very knowledgeable and sincere he gave us an impromptu lesson in Damara and the clicks. Thanks again!

Bruce Levell, The Netherlands

Dear Nadine,

Thank you for your mail. We have just arrived home without any problem. Unfortunately we could not see the wild dogs, we tried but it was very difficult. The trip was nice and we enjoyed a lot. In Waterberg Plateau, we went to the wilderness campsites and it is a lovely place, I think that you could send the people there, it is more expensive but we did not mind because the landscape and the manager and staff were really fantastic. Another place that we really can recommend is Nunda river lodge, really, really nice and Erongo wilderness as well. With your suggestions we arrived at every place very well and we did not have any problems with the cars. So, Nadine thank you very much for all and we wish for you the best.

Manuel Cano and rest of the group, Spain

Dear Elise and Marco,

We want sincerely thank you and your staff: our trip in Namibia has been a fantastic experience. The trip was perfectly arranged and greatly organized. Thanks again for all the suggestions you gave us and the passion with which you do your job.

Best regards,

Carlo, Italy

Hi Nadine!

We only have one word for you: THANKS! We have made more than 20 travels all over the world and this is THE NUMBER 1!!!!

I have written a little blog to show to friends and family: http://experimentanamibia.blogspot.com/ There you can see pictures of our travel and a very special mention to you. We would like to get back some day. Who knows.

Thanks again... see you!

Aura & Manuel, Spain

Dear Elise,

Firstly I am REALLY sorry that it took me so long to reply, but from Namibia we basically arrived back in Germany and jumped on a plane back to Ghana, where we had so much catching up to do due to our slightly extended leave. Anyway, what can I say about Namibia - we are both in love with the place, we had such a great trip. From Windhoek we went to the Namib and the Sossus Vlei and had a few days in that area before going up to Swakopmund, then up the skeleton coast to Damaraland and then Etosha and back to Windhoek. We stayed in some amazing places - mixture of camping and lodges. The Hummer was nice to try, very comfortable no doubt, and a good experience to try one. We are both kicking around the idea of heading off from Ghana next year (probably early summer in northern Hemisphere - June or so). We have for a long time been wanting to travel overland for an extended trip, as I told you, so I am getting prices to ship our Troopy down to Walvis Bay. We would probably tour Namibia (but for weeks this time!) as well as see Botswana, visit friends in South Africa, maybe more. Anyway, many thanks for all your help, and many thanks for the Taxi!!! We will be in touch...

Julia & Gilmour, Germany and Ghana

Hi all,
We are home after a wonderful trip to Namibia. We loved every minute of it, drove 5000km amongst such beautiful scenery and didn't want to come back home! We'd like to thank you for your help in setting up this trip and giving us tips/ talking through the map etc, everything was very well organised with you guys. We will recommend you to friends if they are travelling to Namibia. Thanks!

Tania Roberts, UK

Hi Natasja,

We liked much very the folder you set up for our trip, especially the table with each day/accommodation/distance/what to see and tabs with vouchers for each night. I appreciated your quick responses to my questions/requests on our way back. This saved me the trouble of looking up phone numbers (with appropriate area codes different for land line and cell phone). It was fun to experience different kinds of accommodation, from rustic tent to elegant rooms at Etosha (we laughed that our sons had a ‘honeymoon’ together – with their beds being surrounded by white canopy and puffy duvets).

Things we were not prepared for (but I am not complaining about it): How cold it gets there! We kind of new that it can get cold but it was still a surprise. I guess coming from North America to AFRICA we took it for granted that it is going to be hot. The morning temperature in Etosha was +1C! one day. Also the houses have no heat at all so it is quite damp and cold in B&B’s in the morning.

Practical issues: we could use the ‘European’ plug for chargers almost everywhere but not the ‘North American’ one. There are no safes in camp accommodation so having a luggage with a good lock was helpful. Unless somebody doesn’t mind dragging passports/tickets/documents/Ipods/etc with you all the time.

We had a great time (even the 18 and 23 year old) and will probably come back in the next few years.

Thanks again,

Joanna, Canada

Dear Nadine,
Thanks for your mail. We had a wonderful tour and were suitably impressed by the very high standards of camping sites in Namibia. Europe could learn a thing or two here. Were were received with open arms and smiles at all sites, except in Etosha and Kasane, which were more like in Europe, i.e. mass-tourism industry. Particularly Nunda River Lodge and Onguma Bush Camp were extraordinarily high class. The high road standards and the detailed sign-postings in Namibia made for an easy and virtually unproblematic drive, especially thanks to your detailed instructions. We found all our night sites in the first attempt, except for Mazambala Lodge, where the floodings had made the original track impassable. A detour of 10 km has been set up here. N'Kwazi lodge had also been somewhat damaged by the floods. We found Mile-72 Camp deserted, so we went on and stayed at Mile-108 Camp instead. This placed seemed more hospitable and was a good experience. We took the D2304+D2342 roads to get from M108 to Uis. These were truly deserted, but with magnificent landscape and we met no-one the entire day. Another great experience. We were happy that Damaraland and Kaokoland were included in the tour and we could have used more time in these regions. In hindsight, we could perhaps have dropped a day in Etosha, since we found Chobe to be much richer in animal life. While Katima Mulilo was interesting as an example of difference from 'mainland' Namibia, the Caprivi strip itself was a dead-boring, long drive. No animals, no scenery along the road and almost no people. From Kasane, it had probably been more interesting to go via Maun back to Windhoek rather than back-track through Caprivi. We dropped the Waterberg Plateau and drove directly from Rundu to Windhoek, but that was because I broke my foot and could not do the nature walks that we had looked forward to. I can recommend the waiter Isaac at Vic Falls Hotel, who pushed me around at the Falls in a wheel chair - another memorable experience. Our only point of criticism is rather small and is that the green box containing crockery, etc, was a nuisance and its locks/hinges broke off during the first couple of days, and not for the first time one could see. With the lid off, dust covered it's contents everyday. My wife was happy she brought an extra blanket/sleeping bag as it was colder than expected during some nights. Maybe you could make a point of warning people that if they are sensitive to the cold, they should bring an extra blanket, or let them rent an extra duvet.
All in all, however, this was certainly one of our best holidays ever - on par with Burma and W.Australia - and we have been 'trumpeting' our good impressions of Namibia and Explore Namibia to all friends and everybody else who will lend us an ear. Expect an avalanche of Danes in Namibia in coming years! Certainly, we will be back.
All the best and kind regards,

Mette & Christian, Denmark

Dear Natasja,
The Donnaint family goes well, very pleased by the Namibian experience. Of course today, back home after the night in the plane we are not in the best shape.
Our trip was very good : we first appreciated the warm welcome in Pension Tamboti, warmer than Pension Steiner, but for the latter it is a great advantage to be located close to shops and restaurants.
The car was Ok , after 5 days we experienced a break on a fixation of the rear tent to the car roof (which was made with a single standard nut, unsuitable for vibration loads, it was fixed by the maintenance guys in Camp Xaragu who were very supportive so we were able to continue the trip without perturbation. Besides that, no damaged tyre, no problem of engine, no bad experience such as getting stuck in the sand...
So we are coming back with the heads full of vision of deserts and savannah, the breaking waves of the skeleton coast and all the wild animals we have seen plus hundreds of photos to sort out.
Thank you Natasja for your support in preparing this trip which gives us the idea to come back in Namibia perhaps in a few years.
With our best regards,
Frederic & Elisabeth, France

Everything went very well and Namibia: we love it! We are very pleased with the organization of Explore Namibia and your country. A brief hug and I will come back later to tell you more details.


Javier Sanchez, Spain

Dear Marco,

Our trip around Namibia was just excellent! The country is absolutely beautiful; the people are very kind and helpful; and the experience with the car and the camping was really exciting! Thank you very much for your help and professionalism. Maria and Ricardo, Spain

Hi Marco,

We arrived yesterday. It has been great !!!! We have had a wonderful time. The country is amazing, people is very nice and we have been able to see everything we had planned. No problems at all. No punctures. We are very satisfied with your services and we’ll recommend to our friends. Thanks again for all your help.

Best regards,

Montse Vilagut, Spain

Hello Marco,
yes, we're already home - struggling to get back into "normal" life.
We really had wonderful time in Namibia and we find out that we really need to come again. This trip was only teaser - country is spectacular, people very friendly and we loved camping "in the middle of nothing". I just can't express enough with words, so I'm sending some photos.
Thanks again for all your help, we will come again.
Best regards

Maks Vrecko, Slovenia

Dear Marco,
We got home safe indeed even though it took a bit longer than expected due to snow in Frankfurt: plane was cancelled, we took a train to Holland!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for organizing our trip, we have had a wonderful time, much too short.
Namibia is a great country, very unlike other countries we’ve seen in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon…). We enjoyed the peace and quietness, the space and the beauty of the varying landscapes. People are friendly, food is good, it is pretty well organized and roads are in good conditions, it all contributes to a very safe and relaxing experience. The tour was good to do in two weeks, even though we ended up driving more than expected with detours, and Etosha safari. The campsites were great, very spacious and well appointed. The lodges were beautiful, especially Frans Indongo! However our heart goes to Solitaire for the marvellous sunset and Vingerklip for the scenery around, I think.
The only (minor) issue we had was with the car: Asco changed the Nissan X-trail for a Toyota Hillux, which was good overall. But the back door did not close properly, they told us to smash it harder, but on the gravel roads it bounced too much and opened itself even though locked, so we had lots of dust inside. We saw people who had cars with compartments and that is better to keep stuff clean and more accessible, we told them so. Then the back window almost fell off from the rubber, but we were very lucky it happened just when we came to Swakop, and Elise did a very good job at arranging that someone came quickly at our hotel. It was fixed within two hours and we did not have further issue.
If we could do the trip all over again, we would change only one thing: we would take the car the first day. It might cost a 100 Euro extra but there is then no time wasted the second day. Everything went smoothly, but Asco picked us up at 9am, then it took 1.5 hour before leaving with the car, then the supermarket, so we left at 11h30 to Sesriem which is rather far away. There is not much to do (especially on a Sunday ) in Windhoek so the paperwork and car pick up could easily be done directly coming from the airport on Day 1 to be able to arrive earlier on Day 2 in Sesriem and enjoy the scenery there.
Overall, great trip and good organization from you guys. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to go to Namibia, we appreciated the very personalized service that you give and the nice little touches: the postcard at home, that you came in person in Windhoek and the “camper starter’s package”, which turned out quite useful, especially the brush!!
Beste wensen voor 2010, and who knows, you might hear from us again for Botswana and Vic falls, this time! Feel free to publish this email on your site as recommendation if you like.
Kind regards,

Annaick and Jeroen, The Netherlands

We had a wonderful time in Namibia. It was exactly like we dreamed it. A huge thank you to the charming, efficient, enthusiast, clever Silvia Rose, for the very good work she has done regarding our travel!

Michele and Laurent Thouny, France

We wish you could broaden your services through out Southern Africa. We would like to visit other places through Explore Namibia. Out trip was excellent and we will definitely visit Namibia / Botswana soon.

Mamosidi Katane-Mathibela, South-Africa

Dear Explore Namibia Team,

We had a great time in Namibia! we didn't have enough money to do all the things we would have liked to and we went over budget on food. We enjoyed the catamaran trip in Walvisbay as well! The time of year middle/end March was perfect as there weren't alot of tourists. My husband has a hard time in the heat so we never did the hikes to twyfelfontein or the White Lady but we visited the visitor centres and got enough background to make do with that. We never saw any kudu or elephants or rhinos, but we had a little scorpion in palmweg!

Michele Daniels, UK

I was very impressed by the service provided by Explore Namibia. Silvia was great and made booking our holiday very easy. Thanks for everything!


Dear Explore Namibia,

I would like to highlight the work that Silvia Rose has put in when helping me plan this trip. We would've exchanged probably a hundred emails back and forth as I had a lot of queries and I changed my itinerary several times. Her briefing session was very thorough when we met in Windhoek. She managed a last minute change in vehicle once I realized that the originally booked vehicle didn't come with a roof tent (that was the only misunderstanding we had). The folder she prepared for the briefing was spot-on, with the route details and the reservation confirmation vouchers nicely organized by day. She even kept track of me during the trip on a daily basis, since I was driving alone and she wanted to make sure that I was arriving at my destination safely every day. This, I believe, is over and above her call of duty. If I consider this trip fulfilling, then a big credit goes to Silvia.


Srinivas Piratla

Where do I start, Namibia what an amazing place. Nadine what you planned out for us was perfect, enough time in each area including chill out time and not too many kilometres per day. I travelled from one end to the other with my family of 5 and we all loved it. One thing I was glad I had was good sleeping bags as the temperature dropped down to -6degC at Duwisib castle. I still find it hard to believe that we travelled 5600 kilometres and had no issues with the car even though most of it was on gravel. My favourite memories are, sitting at the edge of Fish River canyon having a sundowner, climbing the dunes at Sossusvlei, watching a pride of lions stalk Zebra and Kudu at Etosha Pan and camping on the Kunene river at Epupa falls. The kids loved sand boarding at Swakopmund and the dolphins at Walvis bay. I would highly recommend Namibia for anyone who who is looking for an adventurous and unique holiday.


Darren & Trish, Australia

I have never experienced such friendly and competent service anywhere in the world, thank you!

Thomas Ottesen, Denmark

Dear Elise and the whole Explore Namibia/Botswana team,

We are already some time home (here in dark and cold Sweden) and are missing our 3.5 weeks we spend in Namibia and Botswana a lot. The trip was wonderfully planned and it was indeed all we expected and our expectations were very high after our last trip in Namibia.

With the help of you guys we got married on the top of a red dune in the Kalahari desert an unforgettable experience. From there we drove to the north through the Caprivi strip and into Botswana and finally back to Windhoek. We have seen an incredible amount of wildlife big and small, met many friendly people and seen some fantastic scenery. We actually never had a dull moment during our trip. As we stayed 2 days in the same location the trip itself was relaxed and we never felt stressed. We stayed in some amazing lodges in various landscapes and were never disappointed with the places you had picked Elise! If possible we would come back tomorrow without a doubt!


Etienne & Isa Neve