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You will be picked up at the international airport and transferred to your accommodation in the city center. For the rest of the day you will have time to relax or you can discover the capital of Namibia.



Kalahari desert

On your way to the Kalahari Desert, this will be your first experience with African nature and its wildlife. Close to Rehoboth, there is a small private park situated near a beautiful lake. There are different kinds of antelopes, zebra’s, ostrich and giraffes. A very nice park to start with, where you can even go for safe hiking in between the wild animals.

Giraffe in Etosha NP


Fish River Canyon

You continue your way south. Here you will find the Quiver tree forest and Giant’s Playground, a strange rock formation. The quiver trees are strange and rare aloes species. The hollow branches are used by the San people for carrying their arrows.

Quiver Tree


Fish River Canyon

In the far south you will visit the spectacular Fish River Canyon. The accommodation is situated right between the mountains and near the river. There are plenty viewpoints and hiking trails in this area. There is also a Hot Spring Resort, which has been built close to a natural spring of 65 degrees. Here you can relax and have a swim in the in- or outdoor pools.

Fish River Canyon



In the middle of the desert, there is a small village called 'Aus', which is known for the Namibian wild horses living is this area. Also a nice place for hiking.

Desert Namibia


Lüderitz / Coast

Lüderitz is small city at the southern coast of Namibia, where there is still a significant German influence from the past. A visit to the Diamant Ghost town 'Kolmanskop' is a must. This is the place where the 'biggest diamants of the world has been found.




Absolutely one of the highlights of your holiday is a visit to the Sossusvlei with the huge red sand dunes. The sunrise and sunset are magical.

Deadvlei Namibia




Swakopmund /Coast

Today you are at the wonderful coast of the Atlantic, full of seals, pelicans, dolphins and even some penguins. The beach seems to run smoothly into the desert with the huge sand dunes.

Dune 7 Namibia


Swakopmund / Coast

You are staying in an old German city, where you will find original old traditional “bierstubes”. Outside the town you have the possibility to see the Welwitschia, a special desert plant, with only 2 leaves, which can grow as old as 1000 years.

Welwitchia Namibia


Cape Cross / Brandberg

Cape Cross is famous for its seal colony. You can simply follow your ears and nose to this spectacle in the water and on the shore. You will see seals as far as you can see. Furthermore, you will go to the Brandberg area, where the ancient rock painting of the “white lady of the Brandberg” can be found. Numas canyon has it own rock paintings and a fresh water spring.

Seal Namibia



Also at Twijfelfontein (spring of doubt), there are San rock paintings. You can make a stopover on your way to the north. In the meantime, you will discover more and more of “real” Africa




Today you are traveling through Kaokoofield. The north of Namibia is magnificent and seems to be unchanged for the last hundreds of years. You will see traditional Himba villages and the special traditionally dressed people, which seem to come from another era. You will also see Herero ladies with their traditional Victorian dresses. As a tourist you are more an eye catcher than the local people in the region. You can visit a local Himba village in order to have an informal meeting with these interesting people. Or you can just walk around in town.





Cheetah farm

On a farm near Kamanjab, the kind owner is keeping rescued cheetahs. On the premises near the house, there are some tame cheetahs, which can be touched. On a large piece of land there are a lot more of them, which are not tame at all. You can join the owner on a tour to feed the animals, a very exciting experience.

Cheetah Namibia


Etosha NP

Etosha National Park really has everything to offer. The big predators are all present: lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs. Also guaranteed are the big African elephant, antelopes, warthogs, ostrich’s en many other animals.
During daytime you can drive through the park, there are an endless number of roads. In the evening you can spot the game near your accommodation at the waterhole which is illuminated.
A spectacular and guided 'night drive' is also an option.

Giraffe Namibia
Lion Namibia


Etosha NP


Etosha NP



Waterberg Plateau is plateau of sandstone, 150 m above the surrounding landscape. The diversity of trees and savannah bushes makes it a beautiful place to stay. More so, because it is known for its special and endangered species, like the sable and roan antelope and the black and white rhino. Furthermore, there are several walking trails.




Windhoek is a very nice town to walk around, to go shopping, to visit some museums or to buy the last souvenirs. And this is a good opportunity to end your holiday in one of the many nice restaurants.

Windhoek Tower



Departure from Windhoek



Arrival at home